Vertical Shadowbox Semi-Privacy Fence

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Vertical Shadowbox Semi-Privacy Fence


  • Provides an optimal level of privacy without obstructing too much visibility
  • We provide comprehensive customization services to meet your specific requirements.


  • Available Styles: 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Colors: White, Tan, Pebblestone


We offer several options with our Vertical Shadowbox Semi-Privacy Fence products.

The pickets in our Vertical Shadow Box fence are 7/8” x 6” plank separated by 1” of airspace.

All standard panels come with 2 U-channel used to allow for expansion and contraction of the product, as well as, to create an aesthetically appealing finished installation.

The 30A Fence Company provides an optional application that can make your fence more secure in windy conditions. By attaching two U-channels to the fence posts using glue or screws, the fence is strengthened. This additional application is not required, but it can improve the fence’s ability to withstand strong winds.

The posts are available in either 0.130″ wall thickness, 0.150″ wall thickness, or 0.270″ wall thickness. The 0.270″ wall thickness is required for Miami-Dade NOA in our Vertical Shadowbox product line.

Vertical Shadowbox Semi-Privacy Fence is available in white, tan, and pebblestone. There are additional charges for colors over white.

Heights can be manufactured up to 8′ high.

We offer both 6′ wide and 8′ wide panels. The 8′ wide fabricated panels are manufactured with aluminum in the bottom rail to prevent deflection of the bottom rail. Additionally, 6′ wide panels that are over 6′ high will also be manufactured with aluminum in the bottom to prevent deflection.

We offer all types of gates with our Vertical Shadowbox Semi-Privacy Fence including walk-thru gates, double driveway gates, rolling gates, etc. Our gates may be riveted, welded, and/or include internal or external frames depending on the size and style of the gate. Welded or Riveted Standard gates are available up to 6′ wide. Gates with internal and external frames can be manufactured up to 10′ wide (and up to 20′ wide openings for double driveway gates).

Additional Specifications

The semi-privacy vertical shadowbox fence provides a great benefit of having less than 1″ of air space, which allows for some level of visibility and connection with the community without completely separating you. This type of fence offers the best of both worlds by combining the benefits of privacy and picket fences.

  • Heights Available: The fence is available in heights up to 8 feet high.
  • Colors Available: The fence comes in three colors – Tan, White, and Pebblestone.
  • Widths Available: The fence has a standard width of 72″ on center (OC).
  • Styles: There are four different styles to choose from – styles 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  • Rail Specifications: The fence rails are 3-1/2” x 3-1/2” in size.
  • Picket Specifications: The pickets are 7/8″ x 6″ planks with a .50″ overlap.
  • Post Recommendations: For heights up to 4′, use a 4″ post. For heights over 4′, use a 5″ post.
  • Gate Types: There are five different gate types available – riveted, welded, internal frame, external frame, and pocket gate.
  • Gate Sizes: The maximum gate size varies depending on the gate type. Riveted, welded, and pocket gates can be up to 6′ wide. Riveted external frame gates can be up to 18′ wide. Riveted and welded external frame gates can be up to 28′ wide (any gate over 20′ requires a wheel).
  • On-Center Spacing: The fence has an on-center spacing of 6′, which means that the posts are spaced 6 feet apart from each other.