T-11 Privacy Fence

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T-11 Privacy Fence


  • 3-in-1 Picket Look
  • Locking Pickets
  • 2-U Channel Construction
  • Customizable Gates


  • Four Color Choices
  • Varying Heights
  • Two Rail Choices
  • Three Post Wall Thicknesses


T-11 Privacy Fence offers multiple options. It features double-grooved pickets that give the look of three pickets in one. T-11 Premum Privacy Fence is available in white, tan, stone, and clay and comes in heights up to twelve-feet. The three-in-one picket lappearance gives a unique look to the fence, and the privacy cannot be beat. Rails can be either skived or upgraded to pocket (double-walled) for additional durabiliy. 

With its 2-U channel allowing for expansion and contraction, the fence is aesthetically pleasing upon installation. Panels can be ordered in six- or eight-foot widths. Panels ordered in eight-foot widths will come reinforced with aluminum in the bottom rail to prevent deflection. There are three post wall thickness options to choose from: .130″, .150″, and .270″ (required for Miami-Dade NOA).**

Gates can be customized for any need including walk gates, double-drive gates, and roll gates. Our standard gate designs are either riveted or can be upgraded to welded gates. For special applications or larger gates, we offer internal and external designs.*

Ask your customer service representative about our recommendations for exra durability for dumpster gates.
** Post lengths are by default three-feet in-ground, however, many areas only require the use of two-feet in-ground for fences up to six-feet high.