T-11 Privacy Fence with Lattice

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T-11 Privacy Fence with Lattice


  • Low Maintenance
  • Locking Pickets
  • 2-U Channel Construction
  • Customizable Gates


  • Four Color Choices
  • Two Rail Choices
  • Three Post Wall Thicknesses
  • Variety of Lattice Accent Styles


T-11 Privacy Fence with Lattice offers many customizable options. It starts with our premium T-11 Privacy Fence, featuring a locking picket that gives the look of three pickets in one. From there, customers can choose any of our picket fence designs to create a lattice accent that runs the entire length of the fence. The added lattice feature makes for a great looking fence. T-11 Premium Privacy Fence with Lattice is available in four colors: white, tan, stone and clay, and can be manufactured in heights up to twelve-feet. Rails can be either skived or upgraded to pocketed (double-walled) for additional strength. 

With its 2-U channel construction allowing for expansion and contraction, the fence is aesthetically pleasing upon installation. Panels can be ordered in either six- or eight-foot widths. Panels ordered in eight-foot widths will come reinforced with aluminum in the bottom rail to prevent deflection. There are three post wall thickness options to choose from: .130″, .150″, and .270″ (required for Miami-Dade NOA).**

Gates can be customized for any need, including walk gates, double-drive gates, and roll gates. Our standard gate design is riveted, but can be upgraded to a welded gate. For special applications or larger gates, we offer internal and external designs.*

* Ask your customer service representative about our recommendations for extra durability for dumpster gates.
** Post lengths are by default three-feet in-ground, however, many areas only require the use of two-feet in-ground for fences up to six-feet high.