Picket Fence accents

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Picket Fence Accents


  • Low maintenance


  • Variety of picket fence accent styles
  • Highly customizable


We offer a vast number of Picket Fence accents styles, and we are able to offer you many customizable options for your private or semi-private fence. You simply have to pick your favorite style of picket fence, and we will create a picket fence accent that runs the entire length of your private or semi-private fence. The result is aesthetically pleasing and is a one-of-a-kind look, since you picked it out yourself. 

Picket fence accents come in six- or eight-feet widths to accompany the fences that they will adorn. They will be modified to sit atop any gate you choose as well. Adding a picket accent to the top of a fence gives it that extra something special, and makes it look truly unique.