Vinyl Railing 5000 Series

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Vinyl Railing 5000 Series


  • Greater durability and longevity than wood railing
  • Vinyl is impervious to termites, mold, and rot


  • Colors: White & Clay
  • 4 Post Caps
  • 3 Post Trim


Stately Proportions and Style – Perfect for Larger Installations

The Vinyl Railing 5000 Series rail is refined and classic – perfect where larger railing installation is required. It is strong, stylish, and low maintenance with a great selection of balusters, newel posts, and columns to provide the perfect design to complement your architecture.

Make a Sophisticated Statement Outdoors

The 5000 Series vinyl railing is part of our elegant balustrade series. This sizable railing works well for medium or large installations, and brings a refined, classic look to any outdoor space.

Tailor the look of your vinyl railing to your aesthetic and your surroundings.

Height Options: 36″ | 42″

Length Options: 4′ | 6′ | 8′ | 10′

Custom Radius Sections Available

6″ Posts Sleeves Height Options: 38″ | 54″

The top rail is a stylish 4 ½” fluted T-shape and the bottom rail echoes the top’s shape. This railing can be bent to your specifications for places where curved rail is required.

Vinyl Railing 5000 Series Post profile and baluster options

Vinyl Railing 5000 Series rail profile and baluster options

Four Post Caps

Three Post Trim