Vinyl Railing 3000 Series

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Vinyl Railing 3000 Series


  • Greater durability and longevity than wood railing
  • Vinyl is impervious to termites, mold, and rot


  • Colors: White, Almond, Clay & Black
  • 7 Post Caps
  • 7 Post Accents & Lights
  • 3 Post Trim


Add Contemporary Flair to Your Outdoor Spaces

You’ll be pleased every time you step outside and see this modern vinyl railing 3000 series rail system on your porch or deck—especially since it’s available in four colors with 10 infill options, meaning you can design a railing that suits your tastes.

Height Options: 36″ | 42″ 

Length Options: 4′ | 6′ | 8′ | 10′ 

Custom Radius Sections Available

 4″ Posts Sleeves Height Options: 39″ | 48″ | 54″

The 3000 Series top rail is a substantial 3” fluted T-shape, while the bottom rail is a sleek rectangle. When properly installed with our snap-on mounting bracket screw covers, the 3000 Series has no visible screws. 

Since the 3000 Series railing comes in four colors and can be used with multiple baluster styles, you can tailor the look of the product to your environment. The multiple post cap possibilities add another level of customization.

3000 Series Rail Profiles

Vinyl Railing 3000 Series profile

3000 Series Railing Balusters

Vinyl Railing 3000 Series balusters

Seven Post Caps