Aluminum Fence

The 30A Fence Company offers four series of aluminum fence to meet your needs; Residential, Parkway, Commercial and Industrial. Additional picket spacing and rail height options are available. Our elegant ornamental aluminum fencing, with powder coated finish, provides a maintenance-free fence that will last for years. All of our styles are sleekly designed, with clean lines, and add a unique finishing touch to any outdoor space.

We Offer 4 Series of Aluminum Fencing based on the size of the pickets and channels:
Residential, Parkway, Commercial and Industrial

Aluminum Fencing Pick A Size & Series
Aluminum Fencing Series – Series Picket & Channel Sizes

And, We Offer Eleven Fence Styles Too!

Fence Styles
R = Residential Style; P = Parkway Style; C = Commercial Style and I = Industrial Style

Aluminum Fencing Specifications:

Aluminum Fencing Specifications
Aluminum Fencing Specifications


Aluminum Fencing Standard Colors & Custom Colors
Aluminum Fencing Standard Colors & Custom Colors