Our Fencing, Decking & Garden Products

The 30A Fence Company offers a wide variety of fencing products, including vinyl, wood, aluminum, chain-link, BaSteel, and molded wall fencing. We also provide a wide range of railing products, such as vinyl and aluminum railings, as well as the Endeck line of vinyl decking products. In addition to fencing, railing, and decking, we offer garden products like arbors, mail boxes, pergolas, trellises, accent fencing, boxes, and posts.

Vinyl fencing is one of the most popular options offered by our company. The vinyl fence is available in various designs, including privacy, semi-privacy, picket and ranch rail.

The vinyl privacy fence is available in different styles such as 6″ tongue & groove, horizontal tongue & groove, and diamond lattice. 

The semi-privacy vinyl fence is available in Shadowbox, Imperial, and Wide Imperial designs. 

Our vinyl picket fence is available in many different styles, including Baron, Cape Cod, Lincoln, Princeton, Small Countess, Victorian, and Key West. 

The vinyl Ranch rail fences are available in two, three, and four rail designs, with additional designs like crossbuck and diamond rail. 

We also offer specialty fences like Euro fence, Louver fence, and Horizontal Shadowbox. Specialty colors such as Black Ranch Rail, Certagrain Ranch Rail, and Variegated Ranch Rail are available too.

We provide a wide range of gates to complement the different types of fences. The gates are available in various designs such as riveted gates, welded frames, internal gate frames, and external gate frames. Our gates also include roll gates and cantilever gates.

The 30A Fence Company provides railing products that include vinyl and aluminum railing.

Vinyl railing is available in different series such as 200, 1000, 3000, 5000, and 7000 series. Additionally, we offer custom fabrication for vinyl railing applications. We also provide accessories like vinyl post sleeves, newel posts, porch posts, post mounts, post caps, post skirts, post adapters, solar lighting, and solar accents.

Aluminum railing options include Ideal Mechanical Railing, Cable Railing, American Railing, Arabian Railing, Lancaster Railing, Outlook Railing, Welded Railing, and DOT Guardrail. The 30A Fence Company also offers a range of aluminum accessories such as posts and flanges, newel posts, mounting brackets, post caps, and solar lighting.

Our Endeck vinyl decking products are available in Cellular PVC, Forest series, Woodland series, and Residential series.

We also offer beautiful welded wire fencing products named Florence, Milan, Classic, Contempo, and Forte, including their various gate options.

BaSteel fencing is another popular option, including privacy, semi-privacy, shadowbox, louver, and dumpster enclosures, with custom fabrication options.

Molded Wall fencing options like Allegheny wall fencing and Sherwood wall fencing are also available.

Lastly, The 30A Fence Company provides a wide range of vinyl and aluminum garden products like arbors, pergolas, trellises, accent fencing, boxes, and mail box posts.

Arbors come in various designs, including basic designs, simple arch designs, 180-degree arch designs, pergola-arbor designs, arbors with seats, and custom designs. Accent fencing includes basic and corner accents. Boxes are available as planters, flower boxes, and garbage containers. The company also offers sign posts, lamp posts, basic mailbox posts, upgraded mailbox posts and custom designs.

In conclusion, The 30A Fence Company offers a vast range of fencing, railing, decking and garden products with different designs, materials, and colors. We also provide a variety of customization options to meet the needs of our clients, making our company an excellent choice for anyone looking for fencing, railing, decking or garden products.