If you’re in need of a privacy fence that provides both style and function, The 30A Fence Company’s 6-inch Tongue and Groove Premium Privacy Fence is a great option. This fence is not only one of our best-selling products, but it also offers customization options that make it easy to tailor to your specific needs.

One of the most appealing aspects of this fence is the variety of colors available. Whether you want a classic white fence, a more natural tan option, a stone-colored fence, or a clay-colored option, there is a color choice that can fit your property’s aesthetic. Furthermore, the ability to customize height up to twelve feet tall provides even more options for homeowners and business owners alike.

Additionally, the fence’s rails can be either skived or upgraded to pocket (double-walled) for additional strength, which provides more durability than many other fence options on the market. Plus, the 2-U channel allows for expansion and contraction, which creates an aesthetically pleasing look upon installation.

Panels can be ordered in either six-foot or eight-foot widths, and panels ordered in eight-foot width will come reinforced with aluminum in the bottom rail to prevent deflection. The three post wall thickness options (.130″, .150″, and .270″) also offer additional customization to provide a fence that meets specific needs, even for Miami-Dade NOA. Post lengths are by default three-feet in-ground, however, many areas only require the use of two-feet in-ground for fences up to six-feet high.

Furthermore, The 30A Fence Company’s gates can be customized for any need, including walk gates, double-drive gates, and roll gates. Our standard gate designs are either riveted or can be upgraded to welded gates, with internal and external designs for special applications or larger gates.

Overall, the 6-inch Tongue and Groove Premium Privacy Fence is an excellent option for those looking to add privacy to their property while also maintaining an elegant look. With its customization options and durability, it’s easy to see why this premium fence is one of The 30A Fence Company’s best-selling products.

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